Inspired by feminine beauty, our collection is designed to highlight the innate shapes, sensitivity and subtleness of women.

Hûggot has specialized in the design of unique pieces from the beauty of Swarovski® crystal. Completely linked to our creations, every design is unique and special.

Our jewellery attemps to seduce women of all ages. The design and exclusiveness of each piece will awaken the desire to own our Swarovski® crystal outfits.

Our pieces and collections are a perfect balance of strength, serenity, luxury and simplicity. The Swarovski® crystals combine splendour and elegance to dress up the contemporary woman.


The intense blue sparkle of Swarovski® crystals illuminate this spectacular outfit. During the day or at night, it is the perfect accompaniment to bring light and brightness to a woman’s body.


Ed. 2017

Made of 925 silver or coated in rhodium or 18-karat gold, decorated with Swarovski® crystals, zirconia or natural crystals.


Our exclusive collections have been designed taking into account the uniqueness of each woman. The Swarovski® crystals are the base of these subtle, elegant and unique creations.


Discover a new concept of jewellery designed for you, of subtle shapes and exquisite elegance. Every piece is unique, trying to be the alter ego of femininity.
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The HÛGGOT NEXO ™ ring features a wireless technology that allow us to make tasks automatic and to transmit information previously programmed via a Smartphone device equipped with NFC technology.


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